Prices & Plans

Trawire Personal Hotspot provides free WiFi high speed internet access everywhere in Iceland. When you rent the Personal Hotspot there are no extra fees for usage (except Budget Package). You can select 4 different types modem packages that suits your needs. All Modems do include a USB cord you can plug in to laptop or phone/tablet chargers. With Boost and Business packages we provide the High Power charging adapters needed to keep the modem fully charged, even in heavy usage.

We want to point out that Budget modem is not with unlimited internet. You have 1gb at start and as soon it is used up, you will have to refill data at our network provider With the Budget package, Trawire is not responsible for your data usage and the total cost of your connection while you stay in Iceland. With Budget we are mainly renting the device to you. You can select different types of add-ons for your device. Choose the setup you prefer or just ask us to customize the device to your needs. See our FAQ for more info about our service.