Traveling to Iceland post Covid-19

It’s about time to travel to Iceland. Safe, reliable, unlimited, informed and updated!


– Stay connected you whole Icelandic stay with Trawire modem –

Why rent modem from Trawire right now?
We are running a special price for those ordering before 1. August. $8 a day. You can preorder 2020-2021 now.

When you rent a modem from us you support small businesses – Trawire is family owned and has been around since 2012.

Why use Trawire modem?
Remember that your roaming contract is not unlimited. When in Iceland roaming is not a local service. Your connection is not a priority one. Renting a device from Trawire is a safe bet to get best connection for everyone, you and those travelling with you together.

Book direct!
Support all the fine businesses that offer personal service and better prices. Fx in Vestmannaeyjar we have a beautiful Guesthouse just waiting to accommodate you. If you want to travel with VIP style why not Luxury Rovers?

Before departure:

  1. Check detailed information about travelling to Iceland, posted to the official information portal, along with FAQs.


At arrival:

  1. Finish Covid screenings at the airport. Follow guidelines regarding your first hours in Iceland.
  2. Pickup Trawire Modem at selected pickup destination and activate your rental or order one at our kiosk.
  3. Download the Covid-19 app
    The contract tracing app Rakning C-19 is an important link in the chain of response to COVID-19. The app helps to analyse individuals’ travel and trace their movements against those of other people when cases of infection or suspected infection arise.
  4. Hop on board your transportation, fire up Maps and start searching for your favourite destination.
  5. Share your trip online with ease.
  6. Don’t bother looking at your data usage – It’s covered.


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