Iceland Hotspot Coverage

Accessing the Internet in Iceland is simple; Iceland Hotspot from Trawire offers unlimited 4G/5G high speed Internet network in 98% of Iceland, allowing you to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, and loved ones at any time. Best of all - It's Icelandic and with local support!

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The Trawire Personal Hotspot

Supports up to 20 WiFi enabled devices and provides unlimited internet access where you need it…

Avoid Roaming!

If you plan to do some serious surfing, make sure you check out our  unlimited mobile pack for wireless data transfer. Make sure you join the largest 4G/5G network in Iceland.


Unlimited 5G Internet Iceland

For your convenience, Trawire in co-operation with Vodafone offers unlimited 5G Internet service featuring no termination fees and no contract. You simply select a device and get connected with few commitments, no credit checks, no throttling and no hidden fees.

Are there no limits?

Each contract provides the user with unlimited 4G/5G normal usage, which is monitored by Trawire. We monitor every 10GB usage. This monitoring keeps us aware of your data usage and if needed termination of unlimited usage and potential surcharges. Basic Modems are always with “Fair Usage” limit. Super and Ultra have no limit at all.

What could terminate my unlimited data usage?

If the SIM card is removed at any time and used in another device it will terminate the unlimited usage agreement. Also, if the rented device is used for upload of illegal or harmful content to the Internet the unlimited data usage will be terminated as will the rental agreement. If terminated Trawire will charge the credit-card used for the security deposit, for USD 16 for every 4 GB of usage. For more info see our FAQ’s.

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