Pickup & Return

All major deliveries will be made through personal service at 10-11/Dunkin Donuts & N1 Gas stations. This system will make sure that any verification of the rental process is much hassle-free experience as possible for you. It also gives you a chance to pickup the rental package near your location.

10-11 are all over the place, even in Keflavík Airport arrival hall, and it’s the kind of place where you pick something up if you don’t have time to go somewhere else. All stores are open 24/7.

N1 is a leading fuel distributor in Iceland with locations all around Iceland. When you stop to pickup your Trawire Internet Package you can fill the tank, grab a quick bite, travel supplies or tasty cup of coffee before you hit the road again.

  • Pickup locations

    When ordering you can choose one of the following pickup locations:

    1. 24/7 – N1 Laekjargata Hafnarfjordur
    2. 24/7 – N1 Hringbraut Reykjavik
    3. 24/7 – N1 Artunshofdi Reykjavik
    4. 24/7 – Airport – 10-11/Dunkin Donuts

Pickup of the device

For pickup you can either print out your voucher or open in your device and show 10-11/N1 personnel.

All modems picked up at 10-11/Dunkin Donuts MUST BE ACTIVATED right after pickup. See instructions inside modem package.

Delivery & handling fee

  1. 24/7 N1 gas station – $0 – $25 (total for pickup and return).
  2. 24/7 – Airport – 10-11/Dunkin Donuts.– $0. This is the cheapest and most hassle free delivery method.
  3. To any Post office around Iceland – $25 (total for pickup and return). Note limited opening hours. You can find the locations of Post Offices here.
  4. Hotel Front Desk – $45. Choosing more expensive modem packages you can choose to have the modem delivered to hotels. The hotel has to have full front desk service to receive the modem package and be able to forward the modem package to it’s customers. The customer has to have the hotel permission to receive the modem through their front desk.
  5. If you are late – Pick up without preorder at Keflavik AirportHotspot.rent

The delivery fee covers both Pickup and Return cost of the rental package.

Return of device

If you pick up at 10/11 you use the same box for return. Included in the N1 modem package is a prepaid envelope for postal return (drop it in any of the red mailboxes in Iceland). You have many to choose from all around the country. Two mailboxes are located at at Keflavik Airport.

See how to return here.

ATT! We highly urge our customers to return the modem direct to mailbox. If handed elsewhere, for example to a hotel front desk or at the car rental, the customer (you) is responsible for the return process from that point.