Pickup & Return

Your modem comes in a orange reusable box/envelope. Please use the same box for return, pack it and drop to mailbox (fx at the Airport). When dropped in mailbox at the airport the only one handling our modem is The Icelandic Post.

We urge our customers to return the modem, fully charged to mailbox at the airport so we can prepare the modem for next customer.

Please take care of our orange box!
We try to reuse the orange boxes as often we can. Throwing away a good and healthy box is 

All major deliveries will be made through personal service at Airport – Ten Eleven store & Ísbjörninn Polarbear Gift Store. It gives you a chance to pickup the rental package at arrival.

All pickup locations are run by our partners.

At TenEleven Grocery Store located in the Airport Arrivals hall you can pickup all first day travel necessaries or just get a warm coffee. Open 24/7. If your flight ticket says (KEF) Reykjavik this is the place.

At the very popular Ísbjörninn Polarbear Gift Store you can find the best brands in Icelandic design. From the smallest gift, to precious and more expensive ones, you can’t avoid buying something! Located in downtown Reykjavik. Open 10am to 10pm. Basic modems only!

Deliver to a Domestic airport is a great option for those who fx go with direct flight from Kef Airport to Akureyri Airport. They can just pick up a modem at Akureyri arrival. Its also a great option if you suddenly need a Trawire Modem but are not near the capital.

Pickup locations

When ordering you can choose one of the following pickup locations (you can see exact location by clicking the map link):

  1. 24/7 – Ten Eleven grocery store / Kef Airport Arrivals
  2. 10/10 – Polar Bear Gift Shop DReykjavik Downtown
  3. Domestic Airport near you


Pickup of the device

After your plane lands, go through baggage pickup and Customs gate. Head to chosen pickup location, show voucher to cashier. For pickup you can either print out your voucher or open voucher in your device and show Cashier.

Majority of all our pickups are at TenEleven store – Airport Arrival Hall. After picking up your luggage. You turn right just after leaving the Customs gate.

Read our FAQ regarding everything modem related, tips & tricks plus general info regarding your booking.

When your device for some reasons does not work like expected, contact us right away. We generally can not give support or make a refund on things that happened days ago. You can send us a email to support@trawire.com, sms/chat/WhatsApp at +3546517368 or use the contact forms on this site. Please have your order number and modem name ready when you contact us. It’s also very important when you have your modem that you complet the modem activation/registration at hotspot.rent. Support or insurances do not apply to unregistered modems.


After receiving the modem package, open it and draw out the modem (keep the package for return and look at instructions inside the box).

Turning on the modem – Finding password

Turn the modem on and wait for its wifi signal (in your device’s wifi-setup). Connect to the modem with the password shown on the screen/in the modem menu (press menu button – see our faq how to see the modem info).


After successful connection, head to www.hotspot.rent/activate to activate and register the modem.

All modems picked up MUST BE ACTIVATED right after pickup. See instructions on a printed slip inside modem package.

Handling fee

  • 24/7 – Airport – TenEleven Store – $0. This is the  most hassle free delivery method.
  • To nearest Domestic Airport around Iceland – $25 (total for pickup and return). Note limited opening hours.Return is always to Mailbox in Iceland/Mailboxes at Airport.

The delivery fee covers both Pickup and Return cost of the rental package.

Return of device

Pack the modem and USB cord, using the same orange box the modem came in or special return envelope. Return to regular mailboxes, or Ten-Eleven Airport.


  1. Nearest Public Mailbox – The red ones. You can see Mailbox locations here.

The easiest and hassle free is to return to one of two mailboxes at the Airport (return boxes are pre-stamped). One mailbox is located in the Departure Hall, on the right side to Icelandair checkin and the other one is in the main food-hall, after security check (see video below).

See also our FAQ how to return here.

ATT! We highly urge our customers to return the modem directly mailbox. It gives you opportunity to go through the Customa hassle/stress before thinking of the modem return ;). The modem is also on its fastest way back to us. If handed elsewhere, for example to a hotel front desk or at the car rental, the customer (you) are responsible for the return process from that point until the modem is in our hand.

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