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So you are wondering, why you should not just use Prepaid SIM cards in Iceland and why not just use my mobile provider’s roaming contract?

Icelandic Prepaid SIM Cards:

First – there are two kinds og SIM’s:

  1. SIM cards with telephone number to keep your phone connected on a local phone network. Good for calling ahead, check services or send SMS’s. You can purchase one here at Trawire.
  2. Data SIM cards. Just data. We recommend using our modems with your phone number or Icelandic prepaid phone number (see SIM option #1).

Data SIM cards are cheap for those who use small amount of data and only need a wifi for one person. You loose your own mobile number and you need to tank up (not unlimited). Does not work on Carrier-locked phones.

Good to know about Data SIM Cards
The SIM cards in the packages that are available comes with trio card option. You can break them into the the size you need for your phone.

With the new roam rules in the EU and US, many carriers are offering “affordable” travel packages that you can add to your plan, it may not be necessary to buy an Icelandic SIM card anymore. Please check with your carrier at home before you buy a new SIM card.

Where to buy prepaid SIM Cards?
Sim card starter pack with Icelandic phone number can be purchased here. Some airlines, like Icelandair, sell Icelandic prepaid data SIM cards on their flights. Another option is buying the Icelandic prepaid SIM card at the duty-free store at Keflavík International Airport. If you want to buy a prepaid Icelandic data SIM card when you are in the capital, it is best to head to one of the two big shopping malls.

Our and modems:

Let’s talk about our modems. What are the pros and cons of renting a modems?

– Unlimited and fresh Icelandic data
– Local network & best coverage
– Local support if something comes up
– Pickup & Return at Airport (Pickup has moved due to Covid). More info.
No throttling
– Works for up to 25 devices (also laptops & tablets)
– No Contract to worry about. You do not burn your monthly data allowance
– No SIM swap (you keep your number). Yo will receive emergency SMS’s.
– We re-use the return box as many time we can (less paper usage)

– You need to preorder (or not see
– Extra device to carry around
– Needs to be charged
– Does not work for many if they are far apart from each other (outside WiFi range)
– Iceland only


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