About Trawire

Trawire, established 2012 is a family company, located in Mosfellsbær, Iceland. Trawire is owned and operated by the Pedersen family who love being outdoors and enjoy the nature and culture of Iceland. The Trawire concept has though deeper reasons for it’s start-up other than travel related.

In January 2008 the Pedersen family moved back to Iceland after spending 6 years in Denmark. They wanted to join the “Icelandic Success” everybody was talking about. Little did they know, that an economic crash was imminent.  Not only the Icelandic economy but also the fact that their two children, Tómas Leó then 8 years old and Selma Lind at 4 years where acting “strange” in the new “foreign” environment. At first this was blamed on the different educational environment (school & kindergarten) and on the other just plain and simple adjustment phase after moving between countries.

It started with two kids with Autism

This strange behaviour (well strange to other people at least) didn’t “wear off” but escalated to more serious “moments” indicating those two children had something more going on other than just having trouble picking up the Icelandic way of living. They became more and more isolated in common social activities. As a result they were frustrated and sometimes aggressive because no-one understood them. At the same time they showed superior skills in many fields… This was strange.

Selma Lind & Tómas Leó

Selma Lind & Tómas Leó

To cut the long story short – some years later and countless harsh moments, the parents got some explanation of why…and what. Tómas Leó was diagnosed with Atypical Autism and Selma Lind was diagnosed with Asperger.

However, during these difficult times, Tómas Leó and Selma Lind had both shown interest in computers. Not just for playing games but also to look up information and express themselves  in music creation, storytelling with audio and video, designing and drawing or just plain singing, beat-boxing and rapping like there was no tomorrow… Endless hours in their own world.

And the iPhone and iPad was dropped int to their world and almost  Immediately they picked up those wonderful devices with all the Apps available and wow… What a breakthrough. Everywhere the family went they could watch films or YouTube videos, look up information on the road, create their own videos, play games, learn English or use Google as a portal to endless  strange and exciting information. Even in the family country cottage or in the car travelling far from home. This constant connection to the world made wonders and helped the whole family get into a daily routine and to “normal”.

When this is written in 2012  and the children are doing very well indeed, resulting in a sudden ‘what shall we do now’ feeling for the parents. So the mother of these two wonderful children, came up with the idea to allow others to benefit from this wonderful technology too. Allow other to experience the joy of accessing information, games or recreation. So while renting an a modem, tablet or another device, you – the client – are also sponsoring and supporting Autism. Clever idea!

The Trawire Concept is born – The father of the above mentioned wonderful children has years of experience working in marketing and the internet / webdesign arena. So together, combining the best abilities of either one, we work at creating Trawire; the concept, the booking system, the QR code voucher system and an easy pick-up and drop-off delivery and return system.

Thinking ahead – The Pedersen family are sure that this concept can be adopted anywhere in the world.

So here we are – We hope you like the service Trawire offer and at the same time help Trawire to support children with Autism.

2020 Update.
They are just fabulous and continue to surprise their parents ;)