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Rent a portable WiFi mobile internet hotspot and be connected to the internet anywhere in Iceland. Up to 10 laptops or mobile devices can be connected via unlimited 3G and 4G, without changing SIM card in your current mobile device.

Save $3 per day when ordering 4 days or more!

There is a special preorder price (for all orders pre-booked 48 hours from Icelandic local time) for the low price of $7. If you missed the preorder limit you can still order but the price rises to $10. There is a $40 minimum order fee.

If you miss the online-order opportunity you can order and pickup at the Airport via touchscreen.
See for more info.

All modems are serviced and operated locally –  We are Iceland’s only dedicated modem experts!


Unlimited WiFi for 10 people only $10 $7 a day!

Please select a Plan

Trawire Basic

Portable 4G modem with Unlimited Usage. Pickup at Airport. You can pickup modem without preorder at

$7 per day

Trawire Business

Newest modem guaranteed. Specially selected (pre-tested), 12 hour battery (newest available), High powered USB Adapter for wall and car. 10 day min. rental.

$17 per day

Please select a pickup and return method

Personal Pickup

Select pickup location

Pickup + Return box. Total delivery price: $0

Please note that all returns are with the included orange modem box to nearest mailbox. There are two mailboxes at the airport. Contact us if you need special delivery options

Post Office

Located around Iceland

The Post Offices are open Mon-Fri, 09:00-16:30. Envelope return by mail. Total delivery price: $25

Please contact us if you want other pickup or deliver options

To your country

We deliver the modem to your home address

Postal delivery to your home address. Delivery takes 4-7 days. Total delivery price: $45-55

Please choose country from list and fill in your phone number

Note that we only deliver to addresses that match voucher and payment info.

We base our country list of previous customers. You can send us request for a country not on the list.

Return is always to Mailbox in Iceland/Mailboxes at Airport

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Essential extras?

Some things are worth adding. Here below you can add more perfect Trawire experience.

Device Insurance | Do not worry about mishaps with your modem. Select this insurance and we can cover any modem damage or loss $ 16.00

Cancellation and modification insurance | Sometimes you need to cancel unexpectedly or make changes to your booking. Secure no extra fees for $ 10.00

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Customer Service

Remember Trawire is an Icelandic company so your rented device is serviced locally. If you want to customize the device to your needs or have any questions please drop us a line or talk to us on the chat.

Payment type

Please fill the form below for your Trawire reservation. After you press "Book Now" you will be submitted to the Dalpay Internet Billing where you pay for your reservation.

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-10% discount

Thank you for planning ahead!

It's more than 365 days until your arrival so you get a little discount from us.

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