Remember the early days of digital photography? We’ve come a long way since then, for sure. The Internet in the ‘olden days’ was far slower, 2.0 mega pixel cameras were the latest buzz, digital photographing was considered low Tech, and 300 pixels was a good size for photos…

Today, things are ‘slightly’ different. Everybody with a decent digital camera can take beautiful pictures even on a smart phone. That’s why we now find incredible talented new photographers using Iceland as their model. Trawire wants to to discover, nurture, and support those new photographers, whose challenge is to pursue possibilities in photographic expression.

Trawire  is supporting photographers making their first step into the magical photographic world called Iceland. By using their beautiful images in all our marketing material or social activities and splashing their name at the same time the people at Trawire hope that you enjoy their view of our country as much we do. Think of them next time you want to make an impression.

Photographers we want to support:

Gulli Vals

My name is Gunnlaugur Örn Valsson and I am a self-tought photographer and I do belive that the mountains , the harsh landscape and the weather I grew up with have a significant influence on my work. I have a passion for landscape photography and monochrome as well. If you want to use my photo for commercial or private use, please contact me directly.
Gulli Vals on Flickr

We are amateur photographers and we have a passion for taking pictures and playing around with photography and photography processing. Our photography is not just a hobby as we do take some projects in graphic design and web design as well. We have ambition for what we do when it comes to photography and poccessing of our projects.
Kjóarnir’s Website

ingunnmjollIngunn Mjöll – Íslandsmjöll
I’m a amateur photographer from the heart. I love to take all kinds of photo images. The landscape would have been her biggest of interest so far. I also photograph all kinds of other images and I have taken graduation picture’s out in the nature and wedding photos in a different color. I also like to take pictures of whatever charms my pleasant photographic eye.
Islandsmjöll Website
Ingunn Mjöll on Flickr
Ingunn Mjöll on Facebook

…more to come – Stay tuned

All photographic images are copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Do not use, copy or edit any of photographs on without written permission from the owner of the material. The utilization in other web pages without the express written consent of the author is prohibited. If you want to use photos for commercial or private use, please contact the photographer direct.